Earn your degree on the Weekends

Weekend College offers classes online or on the Clearwater Campus. Whether you prefer to take classes in person or need certain classes to finish your degree, we have you covered.

You can complete the following programs through SPC's Weekend College:

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Convenient Weekend Options

Check out some of the classes you can take during Weekend College. Or use our searchable list of all classes offered during the session.


Q: Which programs are offered through Weekend College?
   • Addiction Studies Certificate
   • Associate in Arts Degree
   • Business Administration Associate in Science Degree
   • Computer Programming Specialist Certificate

Q: When are courses offered?
Courses are offered throughout the weekends, from Friday evenings to Sunday afternoons.

Q: How will I take my classes?
You have the following options at Weekend College:
   • Traditional classes - You meet with fellow classmates and faculty in a face-to-face classroom
   • Blended classes - You complete some class time in a face-to-face classroom and some in an online environment
   • Online classes - You complete your entire course online

Q: Where can I take face-to-face classes?
Weekend classes are available at the Clearwater Campus.

Q: How long will it take me to earn a degree on weekends?
You can earn an associate degree as a full-time student on weekends in two years. You can earn a certificate in one year. As a part-time student, it may take longer based on your schedule.

Q: How do I know if I am ready for college level courses?
You can determine if you are ready for college work by looking at:
   • Your transcripts with college-level classes from another institution
   • Your scores on your ACT or SAT
   • Your scores on your College Placement Test  

Q. Do you have any resources to prepare me for the rigors of college classes?
Yes, St. Petersburg College offers FREE online classes in Math, Writing and Reading. You work at your own pace in these classes, which offer a pre-assessment test, review of key concepts, access to additional video resources and a post-assessment to see what you've learned. Learn more about these classes.
These online refresher and readiness courses will help you prepare for the placement test (if you need to take it) and your classes that you will take at SPC. Take advantage of these free resources to get you ready.

Q: How do I know if I need to take a placement test?
At SPC, we encourage all incoming students to take a placement test. That's one of the best ways to predict your readiness for college work. And it's free.

Q: What student support services will be available?
Library and tutoring services will be available on Saturdays.

Q: What Student Activities will be provided in the Weekend College Program?
Activities will be planned each semester and will include: Three lunch-and-learn seminars (free lunch included), coffee or smoothie cart giveaways, out-of-classroom learning opportunities, Constitution Week festivities and other events to be announced.

Q: How much is tuition and how can I find out about financial aid?
See our current tuition rates, which are 50% less than state universities. We encourage you to ask your employer if reimbursement is possible for some or all of your educational expenses.

Q: Does this program qualify for financial aid?
Yes, ​go to the financial aid website to find financial aid opportunities along with contact information for different counselors.

Q: How do I apply?
Applying to SPC is a simple online process that takes 10-15 minutes to complete.
Apply now.
Or call 727-341-3400 for more information.

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